Come and unwind in one of our luxurious salons and book yourself in for a 6 minute holiday!


At Tan Allure, we bring the indoor tanning experience to a new level of luxury. Our controlled tanning process guarantees safer results to that achieved by natural tanning. Once you step into one of our salons, our dedicated tanning consultants will have a short chat with you to understand your goal, and assess the stage of tanning process you might already be in.

We have searched the market to bring, what we believe, to be the best technology available to all of our salons. From the ergonomically designed benches for your comfort, the surround sound experience for you to enjoy your own tunes to the hybrid tanning technology giving the deepest darkest tan you’ve ever had we believe we have covered it all.   Controlled indoor tanning is safer and faster

Tanning Lotions

Before every session we recommend applying indoor tanning lotions to the whole body to maximise your experience and get help get your bronze on. These lotions contain no sunscreen but instead moisturize the skin with ingredients such as aloe vera, hempseed oil and sunflower seed oil. They may also contain dihydroxyacetone, a sunless tanner. Tingle tanning lotions (not for everyone but they give a great result!) cause vasodilation, increasing blood circulation and giving a faster darker tanning result.

Our Tanning Consultants

The tanning consultants at Tan Allure will assist and advise you through every step of the tanning process, from getting a base-tan all the way to your deepest golden bronze.

Vitamin D

At Tan Allure we take special care about the health and wellbeing of our customers. We believe that Vitamin D is one of the most essential of them all for any human being. Being based in Scotland we do not get enough Vitamin D naturally and we all need a little help.

What you probably did not know is Tan Allure tanning beds are very fast and probably one of the safest sources of Vitamin D. Each session will top up your Vitamin D levels in the most natural way, through the skin.

The correct balance of vitamin D works to support the immune system, it also increases mental capabilities and general vitality.