Tan Allure is not simply about providing a beautiful and glowing tan, although it is important that you feel confident in your skin. We at Tan Allure recognise that your wellbeing is important too.

It has been estimated that 1 billion people worldwide have a Vitamin D deficiency of some type. By providing you with guided and informed steps to responsible tanning, we can provide you with a service which will make you glow on the inside as well as the outside!

We do not take appointments for sunbeds, just turn up and tan. We believe deeply in our customer philosophy which is why upon entering our shop you will be greeted by a fully trained tanning consultant in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The tanning consultant will take you through a detailed skin type consultation to ascertain your skin type and explain the tanning process.

At TA we are passionate about providing state of the art equipment featuring the latest tanning technologies. Many of the features on our sunbeds are designed to intensify the tanning experience. Such features include COLL-TAN Boost, exclusive Megamax Tubes. Our extensive & exclusive range of equipment includes Vertical and Lie Down Units, featuring a combination of UVA, UVB & LED light technology.

A tour of the salon and our facilities will follow.

Vikki and Ronnie along with their team would like to wish all clients a truly memorable experience.